Follow These Tips When Buying a Whole Body Vibration Machine

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  1. Do some research; better yet ask the right question when investing in a vibration platform. Long gone are the days when consumers had to make large purchases “blind,” based solely on the word of a sales person eager to land a tidy commission. A whole body vibration machine is a complicated piece of exercise equipment that can offer tremendous physical and psychological health benefits, yet very few are capable of delivering the full range of accurate and consistent energy. Nowadays, thorough research is fairly simple thanks to the Internet, yet the accuracy of what might be shared remains questionable. But, do not rely solely on the written word. “Fire up” your web browser, and start looking for information on this kind of equipment, paying attention to the source of the material, the date when it was published, and consumer forums that offer practical feedback on experience with the device.
  2. “Try before you Buy” We cannot stress enough the importance of this. Most people decide to buy an automobile only after taking it for a test drive. When it comes to a house, no one would buy a residence sight unseen. A similar philosophy exists with a vibration platform. Search out up and coming trade & consumer shows in your area, ask the companies of interest where you go and try out there vibration machines. Stop by retailers with units on display or, better yet, visit your local gym or fitness center and inquire if they have a whole body vibration machine on site. If yes, then ask if you could try it out or at least get a demonstration.
  3. Understand how a vibration platform works. At its most basic, a vibration platform is a device that sends low level vibrations through the body for massaging benefits. While exercise possess for strengthening require a vibration machine to reach higher frequencies and load resistance. It tones muscle, fights cellulite, improves heart health, and can make a person feel better about himself or herself after only a brief exercise session. That being said, you owe it to yourself to understand how such an exercise device works. Contact Motion Health, and our experienced staff will be happy to answer all of your WBV related questions.
  4. Do not be swayed by clever advertising. Yes, it is a fact that all sorts of exercise equipment have been sold on late night cable television infomercials for decades, and more recently on thousands of websites. Most vibration machines are sold on-line and drop shipped to the consumer, with eye catching and tempting “Act Now! Big Discount” before time’s up offers. But, it is important that you not be unduly influenced by clever or erroneous advertising. While we believe everyone can benefit from exercise at some level, not every whole body vibration machine will deliver the performance necessary, nor will it alone help make you look like a super model, Hollywood starlet, or revered professional athlete after using it. Promises that such equipment will “radically alter” your life should be regarded with a healthy dose of scepticism.
  5. Go with a legitimate vendor. When interested in purchasing a piece of exercise equipment, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. Not all equipment vendors have licensed and trained employees on staff, nor do they all partner with healthcare or other experts to ensure they offer the latest equipment and technologies available. Be sure to ask questions, such as how long have you been in business?
  6. Be sure to ask questions, such as how long have you been in business? Can you provide proof that your platforms produce the same energy as those actually used in the global research? How does my vibration machine get services when needed? (Critical question if buying on line) Do you have parts available, and how long do you carry parts for your current models? What sort of warranty do you provide? What type of aftersales support does the company offer when it comes to training? What payment options do you offer? Just to name a few…….
  7. Reality check: Will you use a vibration platform enough to justify the expense? Of course, we are biased in our thinking; remember we are talking about moments a day out of your busy schedules to maintain lifelong health and fitness benefits for the whole family here. But, it’s nonetheless is a legitimate question. The last thing the staff at Motion Health wants to do is steer clients in the wrong direction, so we strongly encourage anyone who inquires about purchasing such equipment to first decide if they can commit enough time to do it justice. If you work 70 hours a week or have a houseful of children or other unrelenting commitments, then you simply may not have the time to dedicate to an exercise regimen each day.
  8. Buy for the right reasons. Sadly, too many people make expensive purchases — a residence, big screen television, a fancy car — just to keep up with what they perceive to be prevailing trends. Or as a status symbol, and to “have what so-and-so has.” Do not fall for this trap. Owning and using a whole body vibration machine can be a wonderful experience. If used properly, such equipment can help a person lose weight, become more flexible, get fit & stronger, and have a better outlook on life.
  9. Consider a sturdy, high quality machine with the features you consider the most important. The best exercise equipment is made from steel and includes innovative features such as LED display panels, padded platforms and hand grips, and other quality features to make your exercise regimen worth the effort.

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