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In some ways, the human circulatory system is the body’s super highway — twisting roads made of tiny vessels that pump blood and nutrients throughout, allowing you to grow, fight illness and injury, and generally stay healthy. If normal blood circulation is interrupted, bodily systems begin to break down and stop functioning. One way to prevent health problems is to improve your blood circulation and health with a vibration trainer.

Why Good Blood Flow is Important

Healthy blood flow is critical to staying healthy. Good blood circulation has a direct benefit to the heart, muscles, and the amount of much-needed oxygen that is delivered throughout the human body. But it is not just on the inside that sees the most benefit. The skin is a direct beneficiary of blood circulation, as a steady flow of blood keeps your skin healthy and strong, allowing it to fight off skin and airborne bacteria.

The Human Circulatory System

For the average person, the human circulatory system pumps about five litres of blood throughout the body. A loss of circulation can have devastating consequences, which is why maintaining a healthy blood flow through exercise and a healthy diet is important at any age. If you remember biology in school, you were likely taught the basics of the circulatory system and the fact it is actually comprised of three systems powered by the heart, lungs, and blood vessels:

  • The heart is the focus of the coronary system.
  • The pulmonary system includes the lungs.
  • The blood vessels are part of the systemic system.

Use a Vibration Trainer to Boost Your Blood Circulation

Vibration exercise machines offer a wealth of benefits through any number of training regimens. There are many kinds of workouts you can perform that will target different parts of the body, including the ankles and wrists, arms and torso, calves and feet, neck and shoulders, legs, and your whole body.

  • The ankles and wrists.
  • The torso and arms.
  • Your calves and feet.
  • The neck and shoulders.
  • Your legs.
  • The whole body.

Overall, a great way to increase blood circulation is through resistance training. If you are scared away by the word “resistance,” do not worry. These kinds of exercises can involve the use of small weights in concert with a vibration trainer, not to mention squats and stretching exercises. Resistance is not focused on “bulking up” but, rather, stimulating muscle growth and strength in the arms and legs as a means to get the blood flowing — and keep it that way.

Tips to Improved Blood Circulation

Using a vibration trainer is a terrific way to improve blood flow, but there are other steps you can take at the same time. Common sense plays an important role in healthy blood circulation flow, not to mention refraining from tobacco use, drinking enough fluids, avoiding stress, taking a warm bath or enjoying 10 minutes in a hot tub, and regular exercise.
Part of our role as a health and wellness company is to educate consumers about staying healthy, and though it is obvious advice, we cannot stress enough the importance of avoiding tobacco use. If you use tobacco, stop. If stopping is a problem, many forms of insurance cover smoking cessation programs that will help wean you from a tobacco addiction. If you have never used tobacco, resist the urge. Instead of giving in to peer or other pressure, head down to the local fitness center for a workout on a vibration trainer.
Whether you exercise or not, the importance of staying hydrated and consuming enough fluids cannot be understated. There is no exact number for how much water you should drink, though the prevailing notion of eight cups a day is a good place to start. Keep in mind many fruits and vegetables contain liquid, all of which count towards the eight cup recommendation.
Stress less. It will help lower your blood pressure and improve circulation, nearly as much as a regular workout regimen involving the use of a vibration trainer. Reducing stress is a combination of activities, such as finding a hobby, minimizing exposure to people or situations that are uncomfortable or dangerous, and eating healthily throughout the day.
Another good way to improve blood flow is by taking a warm bath or dipping into a hot tub for 10 minutes. Either one will help your arteries and veins expand, thereby creating a wide open path for healthy blood circulation throughout your body.
Finally, regular exercise also promotes healthy blood circulation, even if it only involves low-impact aerobics for 10 minutes a day. The point is to do something fun and get active, and using a whole body vibration machine is a perfect solution for both goals.

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