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Many people understand the benefits of regular exercise but do not want to buy a membership at a gym or fitness center and instead workout in their own homes. For some, this is an ideal arrangement; for others, not so much. But if you do purchase exercise equipment for home use, it is imperative that each item is cleaned and regularly maintained. This will ensure the machinery is working as expected, and will continue to work for as long as needed.

Protect Your Investment

Whether protecting your residence or automobile through some kind of insurance, it only makes sense to do the same with other expensive “big ticket” items such as exercise equipment. By protecting your investment through simple and ongoing maintenance, you will be saving yourself money in the long run. In many cases, maintenance chores are simple and do not take much time or effort, but the key is getting into the habit of performing them regularly so they become second nature.

Make Your Vibration Platform Last Longer

Everyone knows that a proper diet and exercise are the best ways to stay healthy and ensure a long life, but following similar steps in regards to your exercise equipment can increase its useful lifespan, too. In our experience, common sense goes a long way toward making sure your vibration platform works optimally from one year to the next. Here are maintenance tips to follow once the equipment has been set up and is ready for use.

  • Buy an extended service plan from the retailer or vendor. Like many other consumer products and exercise equipment, a vibration platform is often sold with an extended service plan that lengthens the warranty period. If something goes wrong with the unit during a specified time frame, the retailer will cover repairs or replacement — even if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. In some cases, the manufacturer will sell an extended warranty. The most common complaint against extended warranties is the cost; however, in the event of failure, it will easily make up the purchase price.
  • Know how your vibration platform works. To maintain the unit, understand how it works before using it for the first time. All exercise equipment comes with a user’s manual or instructions, so familiarize yourself with all documentation.
  • Place the unit on a rubberized mat or some other form of insulated floor covering. This will not only protect the floor or other surface from damage, but may also reduce vibrations that impact the whole body vibration machine itself. Most machines come with anti-skid pads attached to the underside of the platform, which serves the same purpose as a secondary mat.
  • Keep all surfaces of the vibration platform clean. A basic all-purpose non-toxic cleaner, such as the kind made from natural ingredients like tea tree oil, can be used to wipe down the platform area, handles, and control panel. It is recommended the unit be cleaned after each use, and simply wiping down all surfaces that come into human contact should suffice. The machine should be kept away from dirt and dust, while the platform itself can be vacuumed as necessary.
  • Make sure that your whole body vibration machine is plugged into a dedicated electrical outlet, preferably on a dedicated circuit. It is not recommended the unit be plugged into an extension cord, though some surge protectors for high-end electronics may suffice.
  • The vibration platform should never be submerged in water or other liquids, even when it is not plugged into an electrical outlet. Besides risks of electrocution, water that gets inside the unit could cause it to short circuit or otherwise damage sensitive internal components.
  • Lubricate as necessary and described in the owner’s manual.
  • Take care of any belts or other components described in the user’s manual.
  • Be aware of limitations of the manufacturer’s warranty, and under what conditions it may be voided.
  • Have your vibration platform professionally serviced at least once a year. As part of an extended warranty from the retailer, you are often entitled to have the unit cleaned or otherwise serviced by qualified professionals. This means they will check to ensure the platform is properly balanced, that handles are tight, and that displays and other electronic components are working as expected.

By following the maintenance tips above, your vibration platform should continue to run efficiently for the foreseeable future and aid you in your goals of living a healthier, longer life.

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