A Vibration Machine Won’t Help You Achieve Your Weight Los

It doesn’t matter how effective whole body vibration is, without a suitable nutrition plan to complement your weight loss goals you face an uphill battle. The fuel you provide your body comprises the building blocks your body needs to grow, repair and adapt. This is a problem that we see all to often. People are excited to start using a vibration platform initially and have great expectations to the changes they believe that “it’s” going to bring. It’s not long after that they become disillusioned when they see little to no improvement in their body composition because they have followed an inadequate nutrition plan or have no plan at all. Needless to say, they usually “give up” shortly after, meaning that they never realize the full potential of whole body vibration. To help you overcome this problem, we’re going to share some of the main principles we believe in with regards to nutrition.

A Vibration Platform For Weight Loss is Useless if Not Accompanied By Adequate Nutrition

You have to follow a suitable nutrition plan. Likely you have heard this especially if you’ve paid for consultations with a personal trainer, but what exactly does it mean? There is no universal “perfect diet” since we are all individuals and our bodies function differently. However, by following the principles set out below, you will definitely be on the right track.

  • Know Your Habits – For some people, planning for nutrition and then sticking to it is a constant battle, while others enjoy the challenge. It’s important to work out what habits you currently have with regards to eating and whether they are beneficial or counterproductive. Becoming aware of these habits is the first step to correcting them. If you mostly follow a good diet while at work, but then gorging yourself on chocolate watching TV at home you have to make a conscious effort to not buy chocolate; no temptation, no bad habit. Also, don’t try and make massive changes, as this can really reduce your “staying power.” Little changes to your routine can have a big impact!
  • Vary Your Diet – Certain types of food, such as broccoli and spinach, are famous for being incredibly healthy, but that doesn’t mean that that’s all you should eat every day, nor does it mean that they should be ingredients in every meal you consume. You must vary your diet if you want to stave off boredom and continue eating healthy for any length of time, which as we mentioned is essential to reap maximum benefits from the time you spend on the vibration platform.
  • Measure Your Portions – Suitable nutrition in your food is one thing, eating too much can be counterproductive. Calories should be taken into account as well. Even though you think that these food items packed with nutrients are “good for you,” eating them to excess may negatively impact upon the efforts you make on the vibration platform. Smaller more regular portions ensure we maintain suitable energy reserves throughout the day and we are less likely to binge on items we know we shouldn’t.
  • Avoid Calorie Loaded Drinks – There’s one big problem with these drinks; they don’t often fill you up, meaning you still need to eat afterwards. This just adds additional calories to “burn off” in order to achieve the goals you set yourself when you started your whole body vibration program. Furthermore, not many drinks actually provide your body with much nutritional value. We would recommend you stick to water!

If you want to improve body compostion via weight loss a vibration platform is a proven way to do that but you are unlikely to achieve your goals without providing your body the necessary nutrients or fuel. Eating the wrong food before and after a training session is like filling a car with water and wondering why it won’t start. If you are interested in learning more about whole body vibration or any of the commercial or home vibration platform machines that we offer, contact a knowledgeable member of our team today.

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