Does a Vibration Exercise Platform Compare to Traditional Resist

Whether you’re attempting to become a professional athlete or you’re simply an “average individual” looking to improve your health and fitness you want to ensure your exercise program will yield the desired results. If you say to yourself “I want to do something about my current condition by increasing my strength and toning up,” you generally have to choose one of two routes: Traditional resistance training or whole body vibration. Numerous studies conducted around the world by leading figures in the industry, including Dr. C. Bosco, have demonstrated that over a specified period of time, the use of a vibration exercise platform is more productive than simply “pumping iron” in the gym. During this article we’ll summarize the findings of some of these studies and see how whole body vibration “measures” up to traditional resistance training in other aspects.

Should You Use a Vibration Exercise Platform or Stick to the Weights?

The health and fitness industry is full of “fads” that come and go, but we can assure you that whole body vibration is a tool that is here to stay. The NFL Broncos team, Rafa Nadal and Serena Williams are just a couple of the higher profile athletes that use a vibration exercise platform regularly and have publicly commented on the effectiveness of this piece of equipment. Here’s how it compares to a more traditional workout session:

  • Length of Workout – With many people finding it difficult to fit training sessions into their busy lifestyles, whole body vibration has been somewhat of a “breath of fresh air” since the sessions typically only last an average of 15 minutes. The rapid onset of muscle fatigue lets you reduce the total time invested in exercise. A traditional resistance training session achieving the same rate of fatigue will require 2-3 times more time invested. WBV wins!
  • Strength Gains – Resistance training, done properly, undoubtedly produces strength gains. That’s the reason why it’s formed the foundations of workout plans found in gyms across the country since the very start. However, a considerable amount of testing has been done comparing the effects of a resistance training program against results achieved after using a vibration exercise platform. Many of these studies, including one carried out in Belgium by Christophe Delecluse, Machteld Roelants and Sabine Verschueren, indicate that the gains made from a whole body vibration program eclipse those achieved by resistance training. This is thought to be because a vibration trainer utilizes & manipulates gravity via varying rates of platform acceleration that occur during a workout, and as force = mass x acceleration, you reap the rewards and become stronger.
  • Safety – It’s not just about what you get out of a training session. You have to make sure that whatever type of training you do is done safely. One thing we regularly tell people who are interested in vibration platform machines is that not only do they offer a wide variety of benefits, but they are very simple to use and there’s very little chance of getting injured. Compare this to heavy weights, which if used incorrectly (poor form is a widespread problem in gyms) puts you at serious risk of pulling a muscle. Injuries are the number one reason many people prematurely quit exercising.


  • Knowledge Required – Another benefit of working out using a vibration exercise platform is that it’s so easy to use. After being shown how to use it for the first time, you’ll likely never need any assistance again but if you do were always here to assist. Contrast that to free weights and other equipment that’s used as part of a traditional resistance training program. There are a million different exercises that can be done that each work out a different part of the body. Using a motion that’s just a fraction out could result in an injury.

Have we converted you? If you’re interested and would like to learn more about whole body vibration or would like to talk to a member of our team about how a vibration plate machine actually works, simply call us on 905-906-8660.

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