VibraFlex® receives Class II Medical Device License from Hea

WHITE PLAINS, NY, January, 2009 — ORTHOMETRIX, INC. (OTCBB: OMRX) announced today that its VibraFlex® series of whole body vibration technologies and devices received a Class II Medical Device License from Health Canada and may now be sold in the Canadian market as a medical device.  The VibraFlex®, developed using the internationally patented Galileo® vibration technology, is manufactured in Germany by Novotec Medical GmbH with sales and marketing in United States through Orthometrix and local Canadian sales representation through Motion Health Inc.

“We are thrilled to receive this license from Health Canada and it reinforces the documented outcomes for our technology,” said Reynald Bonmati, President and CEO for Orthometrix, Inc.  “VibraFlex is the first whole body vibration device to receive this license making us unique in the Canadian market.  This reinforces the high level quality, safety and effectiveness of the VibraFlex and when purchasing a whole body vibration device, we encourage our potential customers to consider a licensed device such as the VibraFlex.”

VibraFlex® is protected by a worldwide patent and has been the focal point of whole body vibration therapy literature and research since 1996.  The VibraFlex® can help to improve individual’s strength & power, flexibility & range of motion, circulation, and hormone profiles without the constraints of conventional exercise.  Having two critical elements for effectiveness, a functional teeter-totter pattern of vibration and the appropriate frequency range, this innovative technology is available in home, professional, upper body, and medical models.

“Our first priority is to ensure the hospital and medical community is aware of the new license status and the many benefits the VibraFlex offers”, said Judy Pedersen, President of Motion Health Inc.  “Receiving this license allows numerous hospitals and research centres to implement innovative programs to benefit pediatric patients who suffer from a variety of genetic and metabolic disorders.  These clinicians and researchers are innovators in their fields and would welcome the opportunity to share information on their exciting projects,” said Pedersen.

Use is not limited to pediatrics and many Canadians of various ages and states of health can benefit from the VibraFlex®.  The 25 Hz speed of the VibraFlex® produces 1,500 involuntary muscle contractions per minute providing a very strong training effect.  The VibraFlex® achieves this very high repetition rate with little physical effort by the user and can therefore deliver many more repetitions per unit time and per exercise session. There is no stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons and it does not tax the cardiovascular system.  Training sessions of only 3-5 minutes, twice to three times a week, produce measurable results.

“In Canada, we will continue to advance the use of whole body vibration by offering individuals, businesses and medical professionals safe, reliable, science based technologies and services to enhance quality of life goals.  The VibraFlex® is a revolutionary way to augment and enhance current training and rehabilitation efforts of Canadians”, says Bonmati.

If you require the device license number for your purchasing department, VibraFlex® is listed on the Therapeutic Products Directorate Internet web site at license number #78746.

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