Galileo® 560S Bundle: Galileo Fit Chip & Personal Trainer

Galileo® 560S Bundle: Galileo Fit Chip & Personal Trainer
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Galileo® 560S Bundle: Galileo Fit Chip & Personal Trainer

The high-end package for fitness and prevention applications

Including Galileo Fit Chip for professional fitness applications and Galileo PT visualizing complete training plans in real time video.

Galileo PT allows the user to exercise independently after a short individual briefing. This reduces staff time and costs. During the whole training session the complete exercise cycle is being displayed as a video in real time on a generous display. The system is controlled by Galileo Fit Chip’s intuitive control panel and personalized by included PC software.

Fit ChipTechnical data

Included in delivery:Stand-alone display tower GalileoPT equipped with 6Icm (24″) display

  • Dimensions: 500 x 600 x 1830 mm
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Power consumption: 300 VA
  • Tower with control panel incl. key switch
  • Remote control
  • Base unit Galileo Fit
  • Internal control panel with
    buttons and display
  • Dimensions: 780 x 615 x 138 mm
  • Footplate: 580 x 370 mm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Amplitude: 0..+1-5.2 mm (peak-to-peak: 10.4 mm)
  • Frequency range: 5..30 Hertz
  • Max. body weight: I 60 kg
  • Electrical data: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 800 VA
  • CE mark
    Chip option
  • Setup of time accounts
  • Presetting of individual training profiles

Included accessories: power cord, operation manual.

Optionally available: —) Individualized colour schemes for the Galileo PT and the Galileo Fit are available on request. Subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted! Please note: Some products may not be available in your country. Please check with your responsible dealer.



galileo fit chipGalileo® PT functions

Stand-alone display tower for interactive personal training.

Display: The generous 61cm (24”) display of the Galileo PT shows the complete training scheme as videos in real time.
Training modes: Galileo PT includes two standard training modes:

  • Free training: In this mode the user selects single exercises from different training groups (e.g. Cool Down” or Stretching”). The user may individually alter the preset training parameters such as frequency, duration, foot position or wobbel intensity for each exercise.
  • Auto training: In this mode a complete training plan including total time and pause time is automatically generated according to the selected training group. In pauses between two exercises the system shows a pre­ view video of the oncoming exercise allowing the user to prepare.

Training levels: Galileo PT offers three training levels in order to meet different user’s needs: easy, medium and advanced. The training level can be set independently of the training mode.

Wobbel function: The Wobbel function may be appended or omitted in individual training sessions. There are three intensity levels for the Wobbel function (low, medium, hard) posing different challenges.

Time accounts: The chip card function allows individual access control plus optional time account management for each user. The included PC software features the setting of time account based usage of the Galileo System.

Personalized training plans: The PC software allows to create individually optimized training plans for each user which are stored on chip cards. The diversity of the training plans can even be increased by applying the randomize function which randomly selects individual exercise from a predefined exercise lists.

Updates made easy: The modular system design allows easy updates for additional training modules including new exercises and training groups.

Ads and image display: Your ads or images may be uploaded to the Galileo PT to be displayed as a screen saver during idle times.

Individualized colour schemes for the Galileo PT and the Galileo Fit are available on request.

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