Many risks of Traditional Training Aren’t Applicable to a

Many people become interested in whole body vibration for the wide range of health benefits that it can have, from helping to increase a slow metabolism when used for progressive exercise routines to improving blood circulation (which leads to a whole range of secondary benefits), but there are just as many reasons to use a vibration machine for the things that it can help you avoid. “Exercise is healthy” is drilled into us from a very early age, but if not done correctly traditional training methods can easily have an adverse impact upon your health via an injury or limited results due to poor technique. It’s actually pretty easy to get injured when “working out” in the gym, but many of the risk factors associated with this type of training simply don’t apply to the “static” style training that’s done using a vibration machine. During this article we’ll outline some of the main injury risks that a vibration platform can help protect you from.

  • Injury Due to Poor Quality Instruction – A vibration machine is incredibly easy to use and once you understand some basics you don’t typically require professional assistance (unless you are attempting some pretty complex postures or dynamic exercises). In gyms across the country though, you have to be very careful as there’s many unqualified individuals that claim to be qualified fitness instructors, and the manner in which they advise you to train could actually put you at risk of a de-motivating injury.
  • Unsuitable Exercises – Traditional fitness instructors are paid the money that they are because depending on your fitness goals, a very specific type of exercise or program must be chosen. This means that there’s always a chance that you could end up committing to a fitness program that won’t actually help you achieve what you want to achieve. The effects of whole body vibration however are wide ranging and will likely help you reach your goals whatever they may be.
  • Poor Form – Some traditional training exercises are very difficult to execute and poor form dramatically increases the chance that you will sustain an injury. This is one of the most common mistakes made in the gym, but a vibration machine is very easy to use and it’s rare that your form will ever deteriorate to levels that makes the exercise “dangerous.”
  • Falling Over – Many training routines that are completed as part of a traditional training program involve jumping, running or moving in an energetic manner, which always exposes you to the possibility of falling over or tripping and seriously hurting yourself. The exercises completed on a vibration plate machine are carried out in a stationary static position, meaning this risk is eliminated.
  • Going Too Quickly – During many strength related exercises that involve the use of weights, if you complete the exercise too quickly, you run the risk of pulling a muscle. Your also using momentum which will limit results. With whole body vibration however, the vibration plate does most of the work for you, it’s just a case of how long you hold each pose for and limiting the overall length of the session.
  • Muscles Failing – Many “newbies” in the gym make the mistake of exercising until their muscles fail, which can result in the progressive worsening of form and higher risk of injury. However, when working out with a vibration machine it’s very unusual for your muscles to become so tired that they fail completely unless it was intended.

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