“I use the VibraFlex everyday with my clients ranging from pro athletes to heroes to super moms and super dads. The variety of exercises that we are able to do on the VibraFlex and the way we are able to vary the intensity make it exceptional. From a therapeutic tool to a hard core piece of gym equipment, VibraFlex offers something and more to everyone in my gym. I have yet to find a move that cannot be improved upon by adding VibraFlex to the equation.”

Gunnar Peterson
Personal Trainer, CSCS, CPT
Beverly Hills, California

“The results and the benefits that we are receiving from using this equipment are nothing short of astonishing.”

Juan Carlos Santana
CEO Institute of Human Performance
Boca Raton, Florida

“I never knew how versatile the VibraFlex Home Edition could be. I am working on incorporating it into an exercise video so my viewers can experience all of what VibraFlex has to offer!”

Kathy Smith
Personal Trainer
Kathy Smith Lifestyles
Santa Monica, CA

“Being the best trainer or athlete requires working with the best tools and using the best techniques. The Mini-VibraFlex (upper body unit) is the gold standard in vibration training.”

Mark Jenkins Bey
ACE, CPT, Author, Motivational Speaker
Brooklyn, New York

“I love the VibraFlex and so do my athletes and personal training clients. The VibraFlex has quickly become a “must do” in our workouts. Whole body vibration is the next frontier in training and VibraFlex is the best in the industry.”

Mike Boyle M ed., ATC
Strength & Conditioning Consultant
President, Elite Conditioning Inc.

“For the past three years, the Weil Foot & Ankle Institute has used the Galileo 2000 System in two areas.

Sports Medicine
Through our physical therapy department, we have instituted a program whereby our “weekend athletes” use the Galileo to rehabilitate ankle sprains and other acute injuries. Our physical therapists have discovered that exercise on the Galileo is a valuable adjunct to proprioceptive training and speeds the recovery. At the suggestion of one of our patients, Frank Thomas, the Chicago White Sox have placed a Galileo in the training room of their facility. After about one month, the players insisted on having a portable unit brought with them on road trips during the baseball year.

Elderly Patients
We have found that many of our elderly and arthritic patients feel “considerably better” following an exercise session on the Galileo. We cannot yet explain or quantify the results of these treatments, but our ongoing research in this area, using an SF36 Musculoskeletal assessment tool, should give us some worthwhile data to use in setting up further research studies.”

Lowell Scott Weil, Sr., DPM, FACFAS
Medical Director
Weil Foot & Ankle Institute

“The White Sox are using the VibraFlex for three purposes: rehabilitation, conditioning and loosening up as well. It’s a large and important tool in our tool box of modalities that we have here at the ballpark. It certainly is a primary tool to help guys give them every chance to get back on the field quicker and do their jobs a lot faster and better. We’ve been using the VibraFlex technology as well as the Galileo technology. The Galileo technology is the generation before the VibraFlex technology of vibration therapy for approximately 5 years. I think we are one of the first teams that had the luxury of having it presented to us and that we had the luxury of using that technology to help our athletes stay on the field a little bit longer.”

Herm Schneider
Head Athletic Coach
Chicago White Sox
2005 World Series Champions

“AWESOME – Never felt anything like it and I’ve tried EVERYTHING”

Jim “260+” Gillette
Amateur Mix Martial Arts Fighter

“The VibraFlex is perfect for those golfers that do not have time to warm up, perform daily exercise and it will keep your body stretched out during the entire game.”

Cory McKim
International PGA Professional Golf Instructor

“I am addicted to the VibraFlex.”

Woody Clouse
2006 & 2007 Team USA Racquetball Champion
2006 Racquetball World Champion (+35 yrs.)

“The exercise I am able to do on the Galileo seems to have improved my arthritis symptoms and my agility.”

Charlene Rossler
Naples, Florida

“I’m a male age 65 who had a stroke Jan. 1999. It affected my left side and I have no use of my left arm and wear a brace on my left leg.

Since I started exercising on the Galileo in Nov. 2002 I feel improvement in my balance and increased strength in my leg which has enabled me to walk without scuffing my toe due to my drop foot. Although it’s only been a short period I am hopeful of continued improvement.”

Bill Hefferon
Naples, Florida

“The exercise benefits that patients can gain with this device can increase the scope of rehabilitative medicine. It has possibilities, for example, for use in cardiac rehabilitation patients.”

John Gianutsos, Ph.D.
Director of the Manhattan Project for the Restoration of Motor Function
Rusk Institute of the NYU School of Medicine

“Exercise on the Galileo increases strength and mobility.”

John Gianutsos, Ph.D.
Director of the Manhattan Project for the Restoration of Motor Function
Rusk Institute of the NYU School of Medicine

“I am Pierre Larroque, 51 years old. I suffered a bad car accident in 1978, which, after 12 surgeries, including 2 complex ones on my feet, left me unable to walk without orthopedic shoes of very pronounced angled arch support.

Over the years, the resulting lack of exercise and instability led to my very frequently and severely spraining/twisting my ankles. I literally felt as if the muscles, tendons and ligaments which held my ankles together were loose and out of my control. This sorry state lasted for about 15 years. Nothing I tried really worked to strengthen my ankles and gave back the balance and reflexes necessary to avoid repeated sprains/twists (a major – painful – sprain every two months or so). I did even briefly contemplate further surgery to “fix/screw down” the ankles.

From discussions with the trainer of the Australian rugby team whom I consulted after a particularly bad sprain 9 years ago, I understood, and accepted, that I had lost my sense of balance and that my reflexes had become too slow and my ligaments too loose to control my ankles and avoid a twisting when walking even on a very small bump.

I tried the Galileo 2000 device, which I dubbed “The Machine”, for the first time 5 years ago, after discussing its principles with the inventor and the promoter. I found these principles very much in line with the ideas I had myself evolved from personal experience.

I purchased a machine and I immediately started to use it on my own every week (very simple standing on the machine and bending the knees)

With continued use, I felt renewed strength and control in my walking. I used The Machine for 4 minutes every week for about 3 years, even though I soon did not twist or sprain my ankles any more. During the first year, I indeed noticed that the exercise I gained on The Machine improved my reflexes since I was able instinctively to avoid the beginning of a sprain by suddenly, at a jolt, lifting all weight from the ankle in danger. After 12 months, I stopped twisting my ankles altogether.

The Machine has had a profound beneficial impact on the quality of my living. With renewed ability to walk I began two years ago a regimen of regular walking, which, combined with a supervised diet, allowed me to lose 50lbs (I was much overweight due to lack of exercise). To date, I continue this regimen and have kept my weight down to normal levels. Walking is the key to this weight control, and The Machine has helped me to redevelop muscles and restore motion to my joints so that I can walk normally.

Over the last 8 months or so, I have felt much less of a need to use The Machine every week. I indeed now only use it once a month for about 6 minutes, but I plan to continue using it.”

Pierre Larroque
Bethesda, MD 20817

“Practicing Physical Therapy in a rural, ‘catch all’ environment has its challenges. Our practice consists of one full time PT, one full time PTA and one part time PT tech. We work with orthopedic pre & post-operative, geriatric and sports medicine patients with an average patient load being 18-20 per day.  Finding effective exercise options that are applicable to a variety of patient types is one of our challenges. This has been greatly reduced by the Galileo 2000. We use the Galileo for the post-op arthroscopic knee, VMO retraining, ankle rehabilitation, proprioceptive training, lumbar and pelvic stabilization. We are also in the process of implementing some programs for treatment of Parkinson¹s and osteoporosis, as well as athletic enhancement. We have seen rapid strength gains, improved balance, decreased LBP and increased functional ability in those patients rehabilitated with the Galileo 2000 in conjunction with other therapeutic exercises.”

Troy M. Fulton MS, PT
Big Horn Basin Orthopedics
Powell/Cody Wyoming

“I already have a success story. I have a patient who has arthritis and tremendous stiffness in his LB and hips. I’ve been working for 2 months to stretch him out including acquatics and stretching in the hot tub. The best he was ever able to do was forward bend to touch his knee joint line and rotate his trunk right 60 degrees and left 40 degrees.

I put him on the VibraFlex a total of about 5 minutes having him stand with his knees locked and forward bend over the arm rests with his feet spread apart to maximum 10Hz. Immediately after this, he was able to forward bend to 2″ below his tibial tuberosity and rotate his trunk to the right 80 degrees and 65 degrees to the left.

We were both amazed. This is a patient I was close to discharging because of lack of progress.

Thanks again for introducing us to this.”

Tony Bohannon
Baptist Rehab Centers
Paducah, Kentucky

“The VibraFlex has been a tremendous asset to our office. I feel it helps facet mobility and allows me to perform a better adjustment with less force. This makes the patient more comfortable and helps decrease symptoms faster. As a rehabilitation tool we have seen faster strength and flexibility gains when used in conjunction with our therapeutic exercise and core stabilization programs. It is an excellent rehabilitation device that can be performed in a short period of time.”

Dr. Michael Tancredi
Tancredi Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center
Broomall, Pennsylvania

“The VibraFlex is an innovative training tool that provides tremendous opportunities for athletic enhancement.”

Mike Barwis
Director of Strength & Conditioning
West Virginia University

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