SmartStep™ Gait System

Each year, millions of people in Canada are treated for hip, knee or foot surgery or neurological impairments affecting the lower limbs.  With the aging of baby boom generation, this pool of patients is rapidly increasing.  These patients require rehabilitation, aimed at restoring their ability to walk safely and independently.  Typically, such rehabilitation programs involve a relearning of control of gait.  SmartStep™ enables a detailed analysis and interactive deployment of weight bearing, and the correct pattern of gait.  Despite the steadily increasing number of patients requiring gait re-education, recent decades have seen virtually no progress in rehabilitation technology.  Current methods for gait rehabilitation still rely primarily on verbal instructions such as “Tolerated weight bearing”. Interpretation of such instructions is often inaccurate and subjective, and varies among clinicians and patients.   To learn more about the benefits of SmartStep™, go to Technology, Applications, Published Articles, and FAQs with links located on the right of your screen.


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