The standard model for geriatrics and research

Established version for use in geriatrics and research.

Dynamic measurement of ground reaction forces forces with respect to spatial resolution. Easy to use and to instruct, fast application and at the same time high reproducibility due to the utilized everyday motions. Applicable in any age group (reference data from 3 to 99 years included). Typical measurement duration about 1 minute per test (about 5 minutes for standard functional assessment). The test procedures include different jumps for the analysis of individual anaerobic peak power, maximum voluntary muscular force and movement asymmetries. The well established chair rising test enables fall risk analysis in geriatrics. Various balance tests are supported. The split platform allows a quantification of asymmetries of physiological movements. Included in delivery are the measurement platform Leonardo Mechanograph GRFP, the frame and the analysis software Leonardo Mechanography STD. Optionally available is a measurement PC or laptop with software preinstalled.

Technical data

Categorization Human
Training area dimensions (l/w/h) 660 x 660 x 70 mm
Overall dimensions (l/w/h) 970 x 970 x 70 mm
Weight of device 50 kg
Total weight 61 kg
Force sensors 8 (2 x 4)
Sampling rate per sensor 800 Hz
ADC resolution 16 bit
Max. force per sensor ca. 2 kN
PC Interface USB 1.3 oder USB 2.0
Minimum PC requirements Windows XP Pro, 2Gb Ram, CPU > 2 GHz
Analysis software Leonardo Mechanography STD
  • Option: RES Edition
  • Option: RES Video Edition
  • Option: Analog Output Module
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