Vibraflex Accessories

Vibraflex Accessories

Your VibraFlex comes equipped with the following: Operator Manual, Exercise DVD, Remote Control, Lanyard, Equipment Mat and 1 Yr. Warranty (Parts & Labor).

  Operator Manual
Our operator manual contains important information for operating and maintaining your VibraFlex.

NEW! Kathy Smith Total Body Vibration DVD
This newly released dvd was shot on location at Kathy Smith's home and includes unique exercise moves performed on the VibraFlex Home Edition. This 50 minute dvd demonstrates Kathy Smith's favorite moves and focuses on the lower body, upper body & core, flexibility & massage, and provides you with tips to keep you feeling energized. Her detailed explanation on form and technique makes working out on the VibraFlex Home Edition easy to follow along.


Remote Control
Our user friendly remote control allows you to start/stop your VibraFlex at any time. It also allows you to increase/decrease your frequency level before and even during your exercise session.


Our lanyard attaches to your remote control so your workouts can be hands free.


Equipment Mat
Our high quality mat helps protect your floors from damage that workouts can inflict. The mat also helps level out uneven flooring, reduces aerobic impact, eliminates excess vibration and minimizes noise. This foam vinyl cellular mat creates a soft yet durable pad for your VibraFlex to rest on.