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Using whole body vibration for physical benefit is not a new concept. It was first used by the ancient Greeks to enhance their physical capabilities and speed up the recovery period after sustaining an injury. While the core principles of vibration training have remained the same, our knowledge about how vibration training works and the technology used to perform it has advanced significantly. Numerous studies have shown that certain medical conditions can be positively impacted by using a vibration trainer. That’s not to say vibration training is some sort of miracle cure, but it can be an effective form of treatment for people who have illnesses that are physically limiting and can no longer handle forms of exercise that are too demanding. During this article we are going to talk you through a few of the conditions that a vibration trainer could potentially be used to treat.


A disease that is more common among the elderly than younger people, osteoporosis causes the bones to become weaker and brittle, meaning they can be broken much more easily. Scientific studies have shown that by using a vibration trainer you can increase your bone density substantially, thus combating the disease.


Obesity has become a significant problem in Canada in recent years, with a study conducted earlier this year showing that over a quarter of adults in the country have a body mass index rating exceeding 30. Sufferers of obesity often find it difficult to complete regular exercise programs due to the stress the added weight puts on their joints. Combining a vibration trainer and a low calorie diet is a great way for these people to begin shedding some of the additional weight, leading to an improvement in their quality of life.


There are many different forms of arthritis, over 100 in fact, which affect a single or numerous joints. Whole body vibration is often used to treat two of the most common forms –rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis affects approximately one out of every hundred Canadians and can be particularly aggressive, with the body’s own immune system being used to cause damage, primarily to wrist, finger and elbow joints. What a vibration trainer does is improve the patient’s blood circulation and increase the effectiveness of the lymphatic drainage system, which removes harmful toxins from the body. This will by no means cure rheumatoid arthritis, but it has been known to reduce joint pain and inflammation. Osteoarthritis can be caused by a number of factors, and if caused by calcium deposits, the condition may improve owing to increased blood flow and lymph activity, which can facilitate the re-absorption of the calcium.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can occur as a result of many things, including continued bad posture, but one of the most common reasons is a lack of strength in the back muscles. While a massage from a trained physiotherapist may temporarily remove this discomfort, until these muscles are actually strengthened and can support your body’s weight, these problems will keep re-occurring. A vibration trainer can be used to achieve this, allowing you start with short, low impact sessions, before slowly building progressing.


Fibromyalgia is a condition that is more likely to be experienced by women than men, and is characterised by widespread muscle pain and a continual feeling of exhaustion. Approximately two percent of the Canadian population suffer from it and it is one of the many medical conditions that respond well to whole body vibration therapy. Many people report a reduction in the amount of muscle pain normally felt, greater energy and increased muscle strength.

Poor Blood Flow

While not a major problem initially, if poor circulation of blood is allowed to worsen, it can become a serious problem. Initially you might experience slight pain or numbness as a result of less blood being able to get to the areas furthest from the heart. But high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, strokes and kidney problems can all be caused by poor circulation. When using a vibration trainer, your muscles will contract and relax at a far greater rate than normal. These contractions essentially help to “squeeze” the blood around your body. Many people have also experienced widening of the capillaries, which improves blood circulation in the long term.

Chronic Fatigue

There is no conclusive evidence to prove what actually causes chronic fatigue, but many people report an increase in energy after incorporating a vibration trainer into their routine. This could be due to a combination of a reduction in bodily waste due to increased lymphatic drainage, an increase in oxygen supply to muscles and general conditioning of muscles.

Always Consult a Medical Professional Before Using a vibration trainer

While it’s true that a vibration trainer can help to alleviate the symptoms of some medical conditions, it is not advisable to use them to treat some conditions and Motion Health would always recommend consulting with a doctor before starting a whole body vibration program. Generally, vibration therapy is not recommended if you are pregnant or have any of the following conditions:

    • Epilepsy
    • Frequent migraines
    • Cancer
    • Pulmonary embolism
    • Serious cardiovascular disease
    • Artificial joints
    • Retinal conditions
    • Type 1 diabetes
    • Wounds with stitches

A vibration trainer is not a magical piece of equipment that will totally cure you of any medical condition, but they have been proven to relieve some of the worst symptoms associated with the conditions listed above. Best results are always achieved when whole body vibration therapy is combined with a healthy, balanced diet.
At Motion Health Inc. our goal is to halt the de-conditioning downward spiral that is being experienced in Canada by offering a range of high quality health and fitness products, including a range of whole body vibration machines. To learn more about our products and the benefits they offer, please call a member of our team today on 905-906-8660.

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