MedL_m25therapeut_3357(July 24, 2014) Orthometrix acquires exclusive worldwide rights from encore path to market the Tailwind™ arm rehabilitation device developed at the University of Maryland, Baltimore More>>

(April 28, 2014) Orthometrix Inc. announced today that it has signed an exclusive agreement with HOSPI LTD. to market, sell and service the SmartStep® Functional Biofeedback Therapy system in the South Korean rehabilitation market More>>

(September 1, 2013) Orthometrix and Andante team up to distribute the Smartstep® to speed up gait and mobility recovery after orthopedic and/or neurological trauma More>>

(January 15, 2009)  VibraFlex receive Class II Medical Device License from Health Canada   More>>

(July 16, 2008)  Motion Health Inc. expands sales and marketing reach in Eastern Canada More>>

(October 29, 2007)  Motion Health Inc. to vibrate Canadian health and fitness market with VibraFlex® –“Revolutionary vibration platform can help bring back vitality to life”      More>>

(October 25, 2007)  Kathy Smith Total Body Vibration was shot on location at Kathy Smith’s home and includes unique exercise moves performed on the VibraFlex Home Edition. This 50 minute dvd demonstrates Kathy Smith’s favorite moves and focuses on the lower body, upper body & core, flexibility & massage, and provides you with tips to keep you feeling energized. Her detailed explanation on form and technique makes working out on the VibraFlex Home Edition easy to follow along.


(July 17, 2007)  The VibraFlex made an appearance on Shaq’s Big Challenge July 10th on ABC. Shaq hurts his knee while playing with the Miami Heat and steps onto the VibraFlex to speed up his recovery.     More>>


(June 14, 2007)  Orthometrix, Inc. welcomes their newest VibraFlex user, KATHY SMITH of Kathy Smith Lifestyles. Kathy Smith stated, “I never knew how versatile the VibraFlex Home Edition could be. I am working on incorporating it into an exercise video so my viewers can experience all of what VibraFlex has to offer!”


(May 24, 2007)  Congratulations to VibraFlex users AC Milan. The Italian soccer team won the Champions League final yesterday. They defeated Liverpool 2-1 for the 7th European Cup title.


(April 17, 2007)  Congratulations to VibraFlex User and Power lifting Champion (17 National & 8 World) Robert Herbst for making Westchester’s most amazing athletes (InTown, April 2007).

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