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Whole body vibration exercise is a great way to stay healthy, lose weight and build muscle. As in all other forms of exercise, the key to growth is to constantly challenge your abilities. Accelerated resistance training is no different, it not just about standing on the platform for 10 minutes as most others will lead you to believe. Take it to the next level follow these great tips along with the addition of the following examples from one the top Canadian WBV trainers, Deb Pelletier from Alberta based ReVibe Vibration Health& Fitness.

Add variety to your workout on a Vibration Trainer with Clever Vibration Exercise Accessories

There are a number of exercise accessories that can help enhance and add challenge to any workout routine. Most of us have some around the house or can easily be found at most local retailers. Many of these tools can be used in conjunction with your whole body vibration machine.
Here are some of our favorites to help shake up your workout!

  1. A BOSU balance trainer- A large half ball invented in 1999, the BOSU ball stands for “Both Sides Up,” a clever play on words that perfectly describes how the ball can be positioned. During a workout, you can utilize either side. Off the machine with the round side up, it adds destabilization to lunges and planks for example when placed on the floor. When the flat side is in contact with the platform, the BOSU ball can be used for balance exercises.
  • Full Size Exercise Ball- Place the ball in front the vibration trainer to add destabilization to core exercises strengthening your abs, back, gluts, hips & arms. Because it is completely round, this sort of aid will definitely challenge and help improve stability.
  • Multi-Function Heart Rate Monitor- If the vibration trainer you choose is pretty basic and includes nothing more than the platform that vibrates, that is okay but you will need to pick your activities up to accomplish and fitness gains. A great accessory to monitor your effort multi-function heart rate monitor that also allows you to time your workouts.
  • Resistance Tubing- Maximize your times in standing poses or add difficulty to strength training by using resistance tubing with your whole body vibration machine workout. You can perform arms work with the tubing while doing standing positions for example. There are a number of exercises that can be done utilizing this inexpensive tool.
  • Invest in one or two pairs of high quality exercise or yoga sock. Exercising in shoes is okay if preferred from a comfort standpoint but they can dampen the stimulation and thus the effects of your vibration trainer. We prefer vibration plate user go barefoot or with socks only when using the machine. There is the odd position where shoes are required for grip but generally speaking the muscles in the feet need as much attention as the rest of our body. Shoes dampen the stimulation similar to matting up the machine. This lessens the effect of WBV training.
  • Mobile devices- A good playlist is sure to take your mind away from the day to day but it’s a great tool to motivate you and keep you moving during your workout. Strap on your armband or use a Bluetooth speaker to use your mobile phone in conjunction with the vibration trainer. There are any numbers of clever apps available for Apple, Android, Microsoft, and Blackberry based devices. Some, such as MyFitnessPal, are great tools for counting calories, tracking other vital health statistics, and sharing or posting your information online. The Azumio Instant Heart Rate is an app that tracks your heart rate by placing your thumb against your mobile phone camera lens. Fitocracy, which now counts Arnold Schwarzenegger as a fitness expert, is a motivational tool that gives users access to best fitness coaches and nutrition experts in their field. To find more health related apps for your smart phone, just do an online search and be prepared to be astounded by the choices.
  • Weights/Kettlebells-These are a terrific way to improve strength and add challenge to any existing routine. Start with minimal amount of weight and progress slowly. If your technique is good, only a small addition of mass can be very effective. Be cautious or seek advice from a qualified trainer if unsure of how to progress using weights.

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  • Aerobic Step or Exercise Bench-A step is a great tool for adding variety to both exercise and massage positions. It can be used as a mobility aid where users may need assistance stepping up onto the platform. Ensure you find a step that reached the height of your vibration trainer.
  • Foam Rollers- Rollers are a great tool for stretching & massage applications. Many of the things you would do with a roller can be done on a whole body vibration machine.
  • Hydration – H20 – Our bodies are made up of about 60% water and every system depends on it. It’s definitely essential; a significant decrease in athletic performance and fatigue is caused by the lack of hydration.
  • Regardless of the type of exercise aid you decide to use, if any at all, a key point to remember is to understand your goals, your body, and your limitations. There is nothing wrong with friendly competition or pushing yourself to achieve, but start slowly and increase the number of exercises and repetition over time.

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