Main Considerations When Selecting a Vibration Plate Machine

Vibration Plate Machines

There are few things in life as important as your personal health and fitness. In fact, many people would strongly argue that it is the single most important thing, as without good health it’s difficult to live life to its fullest and the quality of your life will suffer. Whole body vibration training provides an alternative to more traditional forms of exercise, and has helped a countless number of people across the world improve their personal fitness, recover quicker from injuries and provide relief to those suffering from certain types of medical conditions. But deciding to start using a vibration plate machine is just the first step. Just like with any other type of product, there are dozens of models available from numerous different manufacturers. We often get asked about the factors that should be considered when trying to find the right model and whether there are any features in particular to look out for. As a company that has been supplying vibration exercise machines and other science based technologies to individuals, businesses and healthcare professional for a number of years, Motion Health Inc. are well placed to answer those questions.

Step One: Consider Your Goals and Budget

Before you even pick up a product catalog, or start surfing the internet for the latest Vibration Plate Machine deals, you need to sit down and think about why you would like to try vibration training and how much you can realistically afford to spend on a Vibration Plate Machine. Are you looking to improve your physical performance by building muscle and improving your level of explosive power? Or are you interested in trying to burn off some body fat? Or maybe you would like to start a vibration training program to improve a medical condition. These are some of the main reasons, but there are others such as relaxation and improving the body’s natural defenses. After you have established your objectives, you need to set a budget — and then stick to it. Like any other product, vibration trainers are available at all different price points, and even the cheaper models represent a significant investment. Don’t let a company sales rep talk you into paying more than you can afford just because they use some fancy scientific jargon.

Step Two: Vibration Plate Machine Features to Look Out For

The most important feature of a Vibration Plate Machine is, not surprisingly — the vibration itself. In order for you to realise the benefits that vibration therapy can produce, the machine you choose must be capable of producing the right amount of, and type of, vibrations. There are a number of characteristics you should look out for that are important to producing the right vibrations, which we are going to discuss shortly. Superficial factors such as the look and feel of the machine, or the sounds it produces shouldn’t bear much significance when it comes to making a decision, as they won’t actually help you achieve your goals.

Type of Vibration

The first thing to understand is that there are actually different types of Vibration Plate Machine, but most of the models you will see fall into two main categories; pivotal and lineal. How do these differ? As you might have guessed, pivotal machines pivot around a central point, which closely mimics a walking motion, with one foot raised upwards, while the other moves downwards. Lineal machines on the other hand don’t have a central pivot, and the plate remains level throughout. The design of a pivotal machine means your body actually moves more during use, but the lineal machines are known for being higher impact, as both sides of your body are engaged simultaneously.

Acceleration and Frequency

Two other important factors that are vital to producing vibrations capable of providing you with health and fitness benefits are acceleration and the frequency of the vibrations. The way muscles are generally strengthened is by applying both mass and acceleration. With a Vibration Plate Machine, your own weight acts as the required mass and the vibrations administered are the acceleration. This acceleration is measured in g units, and the greater the acceleration rating, the more gravity becomes a factor in causing your body to work harder. The frequency of these vibrations is measured in Hz, and many studies have shown that for optimal results you should choose a model that is capable of delivering sufficient acceleration (at least 10 g) at a frequency of between 25 and 50 Hz. If the vibration plate machine you choose doesn’t meet these criteria, the chances of experiencing health benefits declines significantly.

Step Three: Factors That Are Not So Important

Many times people make buying decisions based on how the product looks. While that may be ok if you are decorating your home, when it comes to buying a new car or Vibration Plate Machine, it is performance that counts. In order to make an educated buying decision, it’s important to be aware of the characteristics that could perhaps be considered desirable rather than vital.

Energy Consumption, Noise Levels and Size

As we have already established, for a vibration plate machine to achieve its objectives, it needs to be able to accelerate adequately while producing the right frequency of vibrations. Models that are smaller or claim to make lower amounts of noise can generally do so because they don’t have enough power to deliver the results you are looking for. So don’t buy a vibration machine because it consumes less energy, is smaller or quieter, as these are sure signs that it will be nothing more than an expensive ornament.


The motor is obviously a key part of the machine, but it is by no means a good indicator of the performance of the machine, as there are just too many variables involved.

Size of the Plate

There are certain advantages to buying a Vibration Plate Machine with a large platform. The main one is that the added space allows for a greater range of exercises to be performed. But one thing you have to remember is that both acceleration and frequency can be affected by having a large platform, which is ultimately counterproductive.
At Motion Health Inc. we pride ourselves on educating potential customers. If you are interested in buying a vibration plate machine and would like more information, call our staff today at 905-906-8660.

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