NAPLES, FL, JULY 8, 2014 — ORTHOMETRIX, INC. announced today that it has signed an exclusive agreement with ENCORE PATH, INC. to market, sell and service worldwide the Tailwind™ arm rehabilitation device. The Tailwind™ is a patented Bilateral Arm Trainer with Rhythmic Auditory Cueing (BATRAC) that was developed at the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services and licensed to Encore Path, Inc., a portfolio company of the New Ventures Department of the University of Maryland, Baltimore. The Tailwind has been shown to improve arm movement in stroke patients with paralysis. It will be initially marketed in Asia and in Israel, and then in the U.S. after a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) HCPCS code is obtained for use of the Tailwind as a durable medical equipment (DME).


NAPLES, FL, APRIL 28, 2014 — ORTHOMETRIX, INC. announced today that it has signed an exclusive agreement with HOSPI LTD. to market, sell and service the SmartStep® Functional Biofeedback Therapy system in the South Korean rehabilitation market. The SmartStep® Clinic is a patented and FDA approved Functional Feedback Therapy system with audio and visual Biofeedback, primarily used in orthopedic rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, physical therapy and sports medicine, to help retrain the brain and shorten recovery times for patients after a neurological or orthopedic trauma. It helps improve outcomes while allowing practitioners to increase their practices’ output. SmartStep also features truly Clinical Interactive Training programs or “games” (ski in the Alps) to facilitate compliance and pediatric applications.

Many risks of Traditional Training Aren’t Applicable to a

Many people become interested in whole body vibration for the wide range of health benefits that it can have, from helping to increase a slow metabolism when used for progressive exercise routines to improving blood circulation (which leads to a whole range of secondary benefits), but there are just as many reasons to use a vibration machine for the things that it can help you avoid. “Exercise is healthy” is drilled into us from a very early age, but if not done correctly traditional training methods can easily have an adverse impact upon your health via an injury or limited results due to poor technique. It’s actually pretty easy to get injured when “working out” in the gym, but many of the risk factors associated with this type of training simply don’t apply to the “static” style training that’s done using a vibration machine. During this article we’ll outline some of the main injury risks that a vibration platform can help protect you from.

Does a Vibration Exercise Platform Compare to Traditional Resist

Whether you’re attempting to become a professional athlete or you’re simply an “average individual” looking to improve your health and fitness you want to ensure your exercise program will yield the desired results. If you say to yourself “I want to do something about my current condition by increasing my strength and toning up,” you generally have to choose one of two routes: Traditional resistance training or whole body vibration. Numerous studies conducted around the world by leading figures in the industry, including Dr. C. Bosco, have demonstrated that over a specified period of time, the use of a vibration exercise platform is more productive than simply “pumping iron” in the gym. During this article we’ll summarize the findings of some of these studies and see how whole body vibration “measures” up to traditional resistance training in other aspects.

Comparing Vertical Whole Body Vibration to Pivotal

With “celebrities” from the world of sport and fitness, such as Rafael Nadal and the Denver Broncos, singing the praises of whole body vibration, it may be something that you’ve been looking into. If you have, you’re probably already aware of the many benefits that it offers and the fact that it’s a suitable type of training for just about anyone. However, were you aware that there’s more than just one category of vibration plate machines?

A Vibration Machine Won’t Help You Achieve Your Weight Los

It doesn’t matter how effective whole body vibration is, without a suitable nutrition plan to complement your weight loss goals you face an uphill battle. The fuel you provide your body comprises the building blocks your body needs to grow, repair and adapt. This is a problem that we see all to often. People are excited to start using a vibration platform initially and have great expectations to the changes they believe that “it’s” going to bring.

Vibration Platforms, Working for You

Many people understand the benefits of regular exercise but do not want to buy a membership at a gym or fitness center and instead workout in their own homes. For some, this is an ideal arrangement; for others, not so much. But if you do purchase exercise equipment for home use, it is imperative that each item is cleaned and regularly maintained. This will ensure the machinery is working as expected, and will continue to work for as long as needed.

Vibration Weight Loss Machine Q&A

When it comes to weight loss, too many people are enamoured with the latest fad, either in diet or exercise or some other “magic” pill that will help them melt away the pounds without much time or effort. The truth of the matter, of course, is weight loss can be a challenge for many reasons. Lack of success could be the result of health issues, lack of time due to lifestyle, or many other factors that people quickly dismiss. No one has a perfect solution, and every person is different. One option growing in popularity worldwide is the use of a vibration weight loss machine as a means to accelerate weight loss. But does it work?

Vibration Trainer Helping with Human Circulatory System

In some ways, the human circulatory system is the body’s super highway — twisting roads made of tiny vessels that pump blood and nutrients throughout, allowing you to grow, fight illness and injury, and generally stay healthy.

Follow These Tips When Buying a Whole Body Vibration Machine

Do some research; better yet ask the right question when investing in a vibration platform. Long gone are the days when consumers had to make large purchases “blind,” based solely on the word of a sales person eager to land a tidy commission

Learn About the Vibration Trainer by Motion Health

Whole body vibration exercise is a great way to stay healthy, lose weight and build muscle. As in all other forms of exercise, the key to growth is to constantly challenge your abilities. Accelerated resistance training is no different, it not just about standing on the platform for 10 minutes as most others will lead you to believe.

Compliment Your WBV Training with a Proper Nutrition

If you have decided to take the plunge and work with a vibration trainer, one of the first things he or she will tell you is that proper nutrition is just as important when exercising as is the physical act itself. Setting a goal of losing weight is admirable, but if you skip breakfast, then spend 30 minutes at the gym later dash off to the nearest fast food restaurant for lunch, you have defeated the purpose of working out. Why? It is simple. Exercise, nutritious foods and eating regularly complement one another in achieving a healthier, happier you.

Vibration Exercise Machines for the Elderly

As we grow older, we become more susceptible to different aches and pains — back pains, problems with the knees and hips aometimes related to arthritis or other conditions. Thankfully, there are many ways to stay fit and trim, like a healthy diet, regular health checkups, mental exercises, and of course physical exercises. We recognize that each person is different and needs customized health and fitness plans to maintain their well being, and one of the best ways to do so for senior citizens is by using a whole body vibration machine.

Ease symptoms of stress and anxiety

Every day, millions of people are affected by stress and anxiety, sometimes leading to increased sweating, rapid heart rate, panic attacks, eating disorders, and other serious physical and psychological side effects. Medical and mental health professionals may suggest any number of treatment options, but one growing in popularity that does not involve tests or medication is exercise through the use of a vibration platform. This is a kind of exercise equipment characterized by a flat platform that vibrates at different frequencies and sends low level energy into the body at different contact points.

Bone density information by Motion Health

If you are a woman over 65 suffering from low bone density, or have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, how can you lessen the risk of your condition worsening? One of the best ways to fight bone loss mass, and strengthen your body so it is not affected by minor injuries, is through proper diet and the use of a vibration platform.

Top 10 Questions About a Whole Body Vibration Machine

Fitness crazes come and go, but exercise programs with the longest “shelf life” are those that offer the greatest benefit while appealing to a broad range of people, regardless of body type or other limitations. A whole body vibration machine offers some of the greatest health benefits of any exercise program, but is sometimes misunderstood by people who regard such a device as a trend, rather than a long term solution to their exercise or weight problems.

Whole Body Vibration Contraindications

It is always wise to get the opinion of a healthcare professional before undertaking a new type of exercise or making changes to your diet. If like many other people, you fail to take this step, you could be potentially putting your health and well-being at risk. That’s not to say that whole body vibration is a dangerous form of training, but it does have a number of contraindications that you should be aware of before you first step onto a vibration exercise machine for the first time. Certain conditions can be aggravated by regular exposure to the vibrations that these machines produce, which we are going to outline during the course of this article.

Orthometrix and Andante team up to distribute the Smartstep®

NAPLES,(FL,(SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 — ORTHOMETRIX, INC. announced today that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Andante Medical Devices, Inc. (“Andante”) to market, sell and service the SmartStep® worldwide, except in Israel, where Andante will continue to distribute the SmartStep manufactured by its Andante Medical Devices Ltd. subsidiary.

The Different Types of Whole Body Vibration Machine From Motion

Before starting a specific type of training or using a new training aid, it’s important to learn as much as you can about it. At Motion Health we are fully committed to improving the health, fitness and well being of our clients and strive to deliver quality information that will help you to decide whether whole body vibration technology is something you would like to try.

Myths About Whole Body Vibration Training

Health and fitness crazes come and go, with infomercial presenters making bold claims about new training equipment all the time. Then there’s the internet, which for all it’s advantages, can offer an overflow of contrasting opinions on the best diets to achieve health or fitness goals, the best type of training to undergo and the best types of training equipment to use.

Medical Conditions That Can Benefit From a Vibration Trainer

Using whole body vibration for physical benefit is not a new concept. It was first used by the ancient Greeks to enhance their physical capabilities and speed up the recovery period after sustaining an injury.

Main Considerations When Selecting a Vibration Plate Machine

There are few things in life as important as your personal health and fitness. In fact, many people would strongly argue that it is the single most important thing, as without good health it’s difficult to live life to its fullest and the quality of your life will suffer.

General Health Benefits of Vibration Exercise Machines

Improving your strength and general conditioning shouldn’t be something you only think about when making New Year’s resolutions at the end of every year. It’s more important than that. In many ways, your health is your life.

Vibrating Platforms: The Best Exercises To Do From Motion Health

Training aids are only as good as the people who use them, including vibrating platforms. By that, we are referring to the fact that whilst this technology has been proven by studies all across the world to offer numerous health, relaxation and performance related benefits, it cannot deliver them if you do not know how to use the equipment properly.

An Introduction to Total Body Vibration Machines

If you are looking for a great way to improve your body’s overall muscle strength, power, and flexibility, then you have probably tried every “fitness craze” imaginable — and spent a good deal of hard-earned cash along the way.

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