The VibraFlex® brings vitality to life by allowing its users to exercise without the constraints of conventional exercise, and augment or enhance current exercise programs whether they are a professional athlete or senior citizen.

The 25 Hz speed of the VibraFlex® produces 1,500 involuntary muscle contractions per minute, and therefore a very strong training effect. The VibraFlex® achieves this very high repetition rate without much physical effort by the user. The body as a whole is not moving horizontally, as is required in walking and running; nor is it moving vertically, as is required in stair climbing or sit-ups. It is the body-as-a-whole movement that taxes the cardiopulmonary system and usually limits the exercise session.

Since the VibraFlex® does not require whole body movement, it is not so limited, and can therefore deliver many more repetitions per unit time and per exercise session. There is no stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons and it does not tax the cardiovascular system.Training sessions of only 3-5 minutes, twice to three times a week, produce measurable results.

Click on the sections below to view the many benefits VibraFlex® offers and the examples of how the VibraFlex® can be used.


Increase in strength and power

During a VibraFlex® session, the muscle fibers are firing neurologically, not voluntarily as they do during a normal training or rehabilitation session.  As a result, users develop neuromuscular pathways to muscle fibers not normally reached during traditional training.  Regular use of the VibraFlex® will groove these pathways allowing for the recruitment of these additional muscle fibres when needed. 

In addition, the consistent and functional firing of the muscle fibers during a VibraFlex® session has been shown to improve both inter and intra muscular communication.  This improved communication between agonist and antagonist muscle groups allows for improved neuromuscular coordination enhancing performance and the potential for reduced injuries.  Additional strength benefits can be achieved by wearing weight vests, holding dumbbells, etc. during the VibraFlex® session.  With consistent use of the VibraFlex®, muscle strength and tone results.

  • Stronger muscles usually means stronger bones and helps fight osteoporosis through exercise.
  • Improves postural reflexes.
  • Improves balance and coordination.
  • Helps develop explosive power essential in sports such as baseball, basketball, football or hockey.
  • Exercises the perineal muscles of patients with incontinence.

Increase range of motion and flexibility

With the high muscle contraction rate of 1,500 contractions per minute with a VibraFlex® session, it becomes difficult for the connective tissue or fascia to retain its hold on the fibres.  This “release of connective tissue” allows the fibres to elongate resulting in a greater range of motion and flexibility.  This will result in enhanced performance, reduce the chance of injuries, or speed rehabilitation for the user.

  • Increases flexibility and range of motion essential in sports such as golf, tennis, baseball or hockey.
  • Improves mobility in an inactive senior population enhancing their quality of life.
  • Reduces the pain and disability associated with osteoarthritis.

Enhance circulation

The effects on the circulatory system are enhanced through a VibraFlex® session due to the rapid 1,500 contract/relax cycles per minute induced by the involuntary muscle stretch reflex.  A strong “muscle pumping” action is responsible for moving a great deal of fresh oxygenated blood to the working muscles, while flushing out lactic acid and metabolic waste products.  This “muscle pumping” action is a strong factor in the movement of fluids throughout the vascular and lymphatic systems enhancing circulation. 

  • Improves blood flow warming/cooling the muscle before or after a game or rehabilitation.
  • Improves leg circulation for people with diabetes.
  • Brings in nutriented and oxygenated blood to injured areas to speed recovery by aiding in the healing process. 

Improved hormone levels

Due to accelerated muscle fibre activity, in 30-60 seconds on the VibraFlex® users are able kick up levels of testosterone and human growth hormone, and reduce levels of cortisol.  Vibration training:

  • Raises testosterone levels (7%) which allows fast-twitch white muscle fibres to fully recover at a quicker rate.
  • Raises growth hormone level (361%) essential to repairing and regenerating tissue.
  • Lowers cortisol level (32%) which helps minimize the effects of stress.

We all know a proper diet and regular exercise keeps us healthy, energized and revitalized. But when we’re faced with a debilitating injury or disease, or are simply affected by limited mobility – it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When faced with these challenges, users can benefit from the use of VibraFlex® without the constraints of conventional exercise.VibraFlex® can help speed rehabilitation programs, increase muscle strength to help prevent injury due to falling, and is beneficial for many conditions such as:



 Injury/Disease Redevelops postural muscles, joints, and reflexes after injury/disease
 Osteoarthritis Helps reduce pain
 Osteoporosis Strong muscles mean healthy bones
 Diabetes Helps improve blood circulation in lower limbs
 Incontinence Helps reduce stress incontinence (predominately in postmenopausal women) by the strengthening perineal muscles
 Balance Exercise postural muscles, joints, and reflexes
 Flexibility Improves muscle strength, reflexes, and joint motion

While the Vibraflex® is an effective exercise and rehabilitation device, it’s also a valuable relaxation and wellness tool.  When using VibraFlex®, you will experience decreased cortisol levels, which help minimize the effects of stress. You also experience an increase in testosterone and growth hormone levels, which helps strengthen your muscles, and repair and regenerate tissue. Building stronger muscles helps give you an anti-aging effect, increasing vitality and liveliness in everyday life.

Increasing Wellness

Whether it’s at home, in a spa, in an assisted-living facility or at the office, VibraFlex® is your easy, hassle-free wellness tool. VibraFlex® can benefit everyone.



at the OFFICE
According to Active Living at Work, stress is playing an increasingly important role in workplace illness and sick days. One of the ways your organization can help employees manage stress is to help them be physically active in the workplace.


Active Living at Work research suggests a link between active living/fitness and individual employee well-being. Healthier employees result in:  

  • lower health-care costs;
  • lower turnover rates;
  • reduced absenteeism;
  • fewer medical claims;
  • higher productivity;
  • improved employee morale.

Conversely, organizations that have physically inactive employees may experience higher costs related to fatigue, inattention, accidents and low productivity. Healthier employees miss fewer days of work, have fewer accidents, are less prone to the harmful effects of stress, and have higher job satisfaction.

With the VibraFlex®, employees have no need for a place to change or showers, and can conveniently fit a VibraFlex® session into their coffee or lunch break.  Sessions of only 3-5 minutes, two to three time per week have been shown to lower cortisol levels (32%) which helps minimize the effects of stress. Employees simply step onto the VibraFlex® and gain the many benefits of physical activity.  Now, that’s easy to fit in today’s busy work schedule!
With our chip card option, you maintain complete control and access to the VibraFlex® within the office environment.

in a SPA Spa’s and wellness centers offer health and relaxation services with a goal to help clients achieve a state of well-being.  The VibraFlex® compliments these services offering a gentle yet effective exercise with a simple “all or none” principle.  Treatments with the VibraFlex provide “all” the benefits of whole body vibration and there is no better, simpler, and time sensitive system to complement the spa and wellness experience.  For more details on the benefits of VibraFlex®, see our Benefits area below and our FAQ page.



at HOME Some of us are limited by time and lifestyle but still want to remain active and care for our physical well being. VibraFlex® offers a quick, hassle-free exercise solution for your home.   Whether you are a new mom, working professional, or enjoying retirement, 5 to 10 minutes on the VibraFlex® is manageable for reaching your quality of life and wellness goals.
Consider the VibraFlex® Home Edition complete with remote control.

The VibraFlex® is an invaluable tool in the hands of a personal trainer, athletic trainer, strength and conditioning coach or simply a fitness-oriented user. It is quickly becoming the most widely used tool in the gym, on the field and even at home to enhance current exercise regimes and to stay fit.



in the GYM
Gyms and fitness facilities provide a variety of innovative services and equipment for their clients, and VibraFlex® is quickly becoming the standard addition.  With 30-60 seconds on the VibraFlex®, users are able to increase the internal temperature of the muscle, bring nutriented and oxygenated blood to the working tissues while flushing out pooled metabolic waste and kick up levels of testosterone and human growth hormone.  All these benefits prepare the user for pre and post activity better than any other warm-up or cool down routine, and reduces the chance of injury.  For a list of fitness users, visit our testimonials page.
on the FIELD Good range of motion and explosive power are critical for game day and VibraFlex® offers an effective solution.  Muscle fibers are contracting near 1500 times per minute during a VibraFlex® session making it difficult for connective tissue to retain its hold.  This allows the fibers to elongate resulting in greater flexibility and range of motion that is essential in sports such as golf, tennis, baseball, and hockey.  The VibraFlex® also helps develop neuromuscular pathways to muscle fibers we do not normally reach during normal training allowing for recruitment when needed.   This power is especially important in sports such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey.  For more details on the physical benefits of VibraFlex®, see our Benefits area below and our FAQ page.
at HOME Some days it might be difficult to complete a full workout or find the appropriate time to focus on our physical well being.  With VibraFlex®, you can accomplish a solid workout in as little as 10 minutes right in your own home.  And if time allows, enjoy that run, practise yoga, or take that mountain bike ride and use your VibraFlex® home unit to increase your strength, endurance, stability and flexibility optimizing your training time.  And to ensure you get that upper body workout, consider the Mini VibraFlex® as an option.

Whole body vibration technology has been used by the medical community in Europe for over a decade, and is quickly finding its way into the Canadian health care field. Because VibraFlex® use gives you the ability to strengthen muscles without strain on joints and ligaments, it can be a valuable tool for medical professionals and patients alike.

With our Galileo® Tilt Table, patients who are unable to stand without support can experience a reflex-based muscle stimulation. With our Leonardo® Ground Reaction Plate, high-performance users and researchers alike can measure the strength, power and balance gained through the use of VibraFlex® and Galileo®.


Before starting any exercise program, it is important that you consult your family physician.
The VibraFlex® should not be operated on a person who has any of the following conditions:

  • Acute Inflammations in the pelvis and/or the lower extremities 
  • Acute Discopathy
  • Acute Hernia
  • Acute Inflammation in the musculoskeletal system
  • Acute Migraine
  • Acute Tendiopathy in the trained body regions
  • Acute Thrombosis 
  • After fresh surgery
  • Bone Tumors (Osteosarcoma of a long bone)
  • Epilepsy
  • Fresh Fracture in the trained body regions
  • Implants in the trained body regions
  • Gallstones, Bladder or Kidney Stones
  • Neoplastic disease of the spine (i.e., multiple myeloma and invasion of the spine, metastasis to the spine, osteosarcoma of a long bone, etc)
  • Open wounds in the trained body region
  • Pregnancy
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis & Arthropathy
  • Unsupervised children
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