Products are centered on the concept of sound relaxation using a specialty music composition method to give the listener a full sensory experience. Using this sound relaxation technique NexNero has found that they are able to bring everyone a mini internal vacation to relieve some tension that our daily lives bring. Using their products leave the users feeling rested, relaxed, and recharged.

The music therapy industry is just on the brink of getting real recognition. NexNeuro products use music made by composers working in therapeutic fields. So with the industry getting noticed this will give their products recognition since what they do is based off their philosophy, but with an added twist to give their products a real feel to them, literally. Products users don’t just hear the music; they are also able to feel it throughout their body. This is what the experience is based on. Being able to hear and feel the music causes the individual to imagine it. This is the full sensory experience. Being on the front lines of a newly opening sector leaves us in a position to be a major manufacturer and distributors for these products.

Much of the music recordings now used on the relaxation lounge was created by Dr. Harry Henshaw and has been used successfully in a variety of settings to help people relax, reduce anxiety and stress and even improve their emotional, mental and physical health.